Red Alert, Star Trek fans! Set phasers on stun! We have a close encounter with none other than William Shatner tonight on BBC America. First, he pays a visit with his fellow Star Trek skippers in a two-hour documentary, ′The Captains Close Up′. Then we have a one-hour documentary about the fans in ′William Shatner′s Get A Life!′ Yep, all of the wonderful Star Trek CosPlayers dressed up like Klingons and Borgs seeking fulfillment. Or are they seeking that ′Great Silver Bird in the Sky′, as the series creator, Gene Roddenberry, put it? Who know and who cares? All that matters is we have three straight hours of William Shatner tonight!

william shatner the captains close up

This is one of the many reasons I enjoy watching the programming on BBC America. Series like ′Doctor Who′, ′Orphan Black′ and ′The Musketeers′ are terrific. American networks have even imported some of their shows like ′Being Human′ and for a new one, ′Gracepoint′, the Yanks even imported the lead actor from the British version, David Tennant! So it is no surprise that BBC America has embraced our favorite captain and gave him more face time on television. Rumors abound that Shatner may even appear in the next Star Trek movie. Perhaps he′ll be giving the new Captain Kirk some advice on choosing a hotel?

Tonight will be a busy one for my TV viewing. Of course, I′ll be watching BBC America live to see ′The Captains Close Up′ and ′William Shatner′s Get A Life′. This week we had two marathons, ′The Walking Dead′ on AMC TV and over at Encore Western, the old mini-series, ′Centennial′. TCM will run one of my favorite movies, ″Khartoum′, starring Charlton Heston, which I′ll record. Unfortunately, I′ll have to miss ′Z-Nation′ on the SyFy Channel, but I′ll catch the episode on one of the replays later next week. But miss William Shatner and anything Star Trek? Never! I′d rather lower my deflector shields to a squadron of Romulian warbirds before missing Captain Kirk!