With just four weeks to go until the 2014 midterm elections, a new Gallup Poll shows that Barack Obama is in worse political shape than either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton were during their final two years. Some 32% of those polled say they are voting to send a message of opposition to Obama and the Democrats, while only 20% will vote to support them. In comparison, during the 2010 midterms, the numbers were similar, with 30% voting to send a message against Obama and 22% in support. In 2006, the numbers for Bush-43 were 31% opposing and 18% supporting, whereas in 2002, the numbers were only 15% opposing and 28% supporting Bush. In 1998, Clinton only had 19% opposing and 24% supporting. Even David Axelrod was dumbfounded when Obama said in a speech last week that the November midterms were about his agenda and policies.

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Another new poll from Upshot shows that the likelihood of the Republicans regaining control of the U.S. Senate is still positive. Their survey shows that 61% of those polled believe that the GOP will win back the Senate. Most see the the Republicans finishing with 52 or 53 seats. After that, the next largest block, 19%, see the Senate in a 50-50 split. That would make Joe Biden a very busy fellow for the next two years.

All in all, there is plenty of voter dissatisfaction with Washington, DC. The two latest crisis of the rise of the Islamic State and the Ebola outbreak have hurt the Obama administration. The economy is also still an issue that worries many voters. Even Bill Clinton admitted during a recent speech that people do not believe that there has been any sort of a recovery. Democrat candidates for the Senate are getting very nervous in several states. I even received a fund raising email from a Democrat group in Michigan with a title in the subject, ′We Simply Need Money′. Yeah, I bet they do!