′Saul, Saul, You Better Call Saul. He′ll fight for your rights when your backs to the wall. Stick it to The Man. Justice for All…, You Batter Call Saul.″ That is the refrain of the new ′Better Call Saul′ song, the music video of which was aired last night on AMC-TV during the conclusion of the latest ′Breaking Bad′ binge marathon. Performed by Junior Brown with lyrics by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the song may be the intro for the new series, ′Better Call Saul′, which premieres in February, 2015. The ′Breaking Bad′ spin-off stars Bob Odenkirk, who reprises his role as Saul Goodman, by way of Jimmy McGill. When Gilligan and Gould cast Odenkirk for playing Saul Goodman in ′Breaking Bad′ Odenkirk says that he argued that there might be a problem as he is not Jewish. To which Gilligan replied, ″That′s okay, Goodman is really an Irishman named Jimmy McGill. He changed his name for the Homies who are impressed to have a Jewish lawyer ″ The new series is a prequel to ′Breaking Bad′, taking place some 5 years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White.

better call saul

Fans of ′Breaking Bad′ should be well satisfied as many characters from the series will return in ′Better Call Saul′. One example of which will be Jonathan Banks, who played private investigator/bodyguard/hitman Mike Ehrmantraut. Other possible appearances may include Aaron Paul and even Anna Gunn. Bryan Cranstan, who played the infamous meth-cook, Walter White, is said to have directed an episode or two of the spin-off.

Just as ′Breaking Bad′ has become part of our American culture, I predict that so too will ′Better Call Saul′. The new series will begin next February on AMC-TV and take us through how a lack-luster lawyer named Jimmy McGill chooses a path in life that transforms him into Saul Goodman, An ambulance chasing attorney with crazy TV commercials. As for the ′Better Call Saul′ song, watch the music video embedded below. I love it and I′m certain you will, too!