File this under ′Believe It Or Not′! MSNBC hostess Krystal Ball is actually blaming the National Rifle Association, the NRA, for the lack of response on the Ebola Crisis. How did she make this connection in logic? Ms. Ball claims that the reason for the slow response of America on the Ebola Crisis in West Africa is due to the NRA campaigning against Barack Obama appointing Dr. Viveck Murthy as the Surgeon General. One of Dr. Murthy′s positions is that gun ownership should be considered a disease. Democrat senators running in tight elections told Harry Reid they cannot vote to approve Dr. Murthy, so his nomination was tabled. Obama has yet to announce a replacement.

msnbc blames nra for ebola

If anyone is to blame for there being no surgeon general, it is Obama, himself! Why did he pick this character knowing full well that Murthy′s views are extremist? The answer is simple, Obama′s views are just as extremist! This is almost as bad as the Jersey City mayor who will only purchase firearms for the police from ′socially responsible′ gun dealers. ′Socially responsible′ meaning that the dealers ONLY sell guns to law enforcement, the military and other government agencies. Dealers that sell to ordinary, law-abiding U.S. citizens are deemed as being socially irresponsible by those of the Liberal mindset. I say that the definition of being socially responsible is to be an irresponsible Socialist!

Aside from that, if anyone is to blame for the slow, halfhearted response by the federal government on the Ebola Crisis, again the person to blame is Obama. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa began months ago. The time to ′nip it in the butt′ would have been when the first cases appeared. But as with every other major crisis or decision, it takes Obama at least 6 months or longer to act. We knew the Islamic State was on the march 11 months ago, but Obama needed over 9 months to make a decision. We knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding about 9 months before Obama ordered the Navy SEAL team in. Again and again, we see the same pattern of lazy, mediocre effort from Obama.

So when Krystal Ball of MSNBC blames the NRA for Ebola, the real culprit she should rail against is Barack Obama. Now that the Ebola virus is here in the United States, I am betting that Obama will take at least 6 months before really doing anything about it. At the very least, we should stop issuing visas to people in affected regions and restrict passenger flights. Most of the other African nations have done this months ago and the British and French are following suit. The National Rifle Association is blameless for opposing a surgeon general appointee who thinks that exercising our Second Amendment rights is a disease. Once a tyrannical government knocks out one basic right of the citizens, they′ll go after others.