You know things are bad when a Liberal, Northeastern newspaper, the Boston Herald, runs a Barack Obama cartoon and implies the old stereotype about watermelons. The watermelon toothpaste cartoon by Jerry Holbert has certainly caused a stir. An apology was issued that was more watery than a watermelon, ″…we sincerely regret is we inadvertently offended anyone..″. Sounds more like something a stand-up comic would say after telling a joke in poor taste due to several scotch and sodas. The cartoon poked fun at the recent screw-up by the Secret Service when a man actually entered the White House. Earlier reports that they ad apprehended the fence jumper on the grounds outside were false. This latest scandal resulted in the resignation of the head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson.

boston herald obama cartoon

That was not the only flub by the Secret Service in recent weeks. A convicted felon with a gun somehow was able to ride an elevator with Obama, too! The whole organization at the White House appears to be someplace between utter chaos and a frat party. National institutions we once held in high esteem are now jokes. Such is ′The New Normal′ in the Age of Obama. An era of mediocrity with a heaping helping of blatant stupidity.

I have not seen yet the reaction at MSNBC or CNN over the Boston Herald Obama cartoon yet. Will Al Sharpton raise holy cane? Will CNN′s new darling, ′Lie Master′ Jay Carney, raise any objections to the watermelon toothpaste remark? How about Eric Holder? Will he order the FBI and Justice Department to investigate the Boston Herald for potential hate crimes? You can bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that had Fox News made such a connection between watermelons and Obama, an army of shrill-shrieking Liberals would be on the warpath.