Tragedy stuck Thursday in Moore, Oklahoma with the beheading of one woman and another woman stabbed by 30-year suspect Alton Alexander Nolen. Fired from his job at Vaughan Foods, Nolen obtained a knife used at the food processing company and went on a rampage until shot and wounded by an executive who happened to also be a volunteer deputy sheriff. While the Moore Police Department is classifying the incident as workplace violence, and murder, the FBI is investigating to see if there is any connection to domestic terrorism. One look at Nolen′s Facebook page, under the name of Jah′Keem Yisrael. There, we find pictures of ISIS beheadings and lists of things that offend Muslims, requiring action against infidels. Nolen appears to have converted to Islam at least as early as April, 2013 while serving a term in prison for assaulting a police officer. Coworkers claim that he was trying to convert others at the job site.

oklahoma beheading

Nolen first beheaded Colleen Hufford, a 54-year old woman who worked at Vaughan Foods in Customer Service. He then attacked 43-year old Traci Johnson multiple times before Mark Vaughan, the company′s president and CEO, arrived with his pistol drawn and shot Nolen twice to bring him down. So much for the idea that workplaces should be gun-free zones! Coworkers told police that as Nolen went through the building, he was shouted ′Allah Akbar!′ Both Nolen and Johnson are in hospital and in stable condition.

This is just the latest in several murders committed by suspects with Islamic Jihad as a potential motive. Ali Muhammad Brown was arrested earlier this month after allegedly shooting a college student in New Jersey, Brendan Tevlin. When arrested, Brown claims that he also has killed four others in Washington State earlier this year. One man was shot by Brown while riding the Seattle Skyway. Two others, apparently homosexuals, were lured into an ambush by Brown through a personal ad on Craig′s List.

So will the FBI determine that the Oklahoma beheading by Alton Nolen was domestic terrorism? Or will they think it was just ′workplace violence′ as in the case of the Ft. Hood shootings? Outgoing Attorney General, Eric Holder, has worked tirelessly to purge the Justice Department and the FBI from profiling potential Islamic radicals and any mention of the Muslim religion in general. The Islamic State, or ISIL, or ISIS, recently issued a call to arms for ′lone wolf′ Muslims to kill in America and Europe. Will we be seeing more of this? Unfortunately, the answer is YES. When will our political leadership accept the reality that this is going to be an ongoing problem?