So yesterday, Barack Obama and the White House confirmed that Eric Holder has turned in his resignation as Attorney General and head of the Justice Department. But before you cheer, let us look at why he is resigning now. On Tuesday, federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ordered the Department of Justice to release documents to be used in the Operation Fast and Furious lawsuit by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We also have the added incentive that Obama wants to appoint a new Attorney General while the Democrats still hold control of the U.S. Senate. Obama is getting assistance from none other than Al Sharpton, of all people, in selecting a new AG.

Eric Holder resignation

Eric Holder has been making noises about resigning for quite some time. He reportedly told Obama that he wanted to leave the JoD back in 2012 after Obama was reelected. Holder stayed on as the Obama administration went into a meltdown in the first half of 2013 with numerous scandals surfacing. The NSA spying scandal, the IRS/Tea Party scandal, and even the scandal of the Justice Department wire-tapping a reporter from Fox News and several others from the Associated Press. Many pundits, including myself, predicted that Holder would exit sometime between July and October. Well, we were a year off.

Already, the Progressive-Liberal Media are rallying around Eric Holder, circling the wagons to protect Obama and him. Chuck Todd of NBC-MSNBC paints the massive lie about how Holder was the most ′non-political′ Attorney General we′ve ever had. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Eric Holder constantly acts on politics. His injection of racial politics is almost as disturbing, and harmful, to our nation as are the numerous stalling and concealing tactics the JoD has been suing to cover-up the pervasive corruption of the Obama administration. As America′s ′Top Cop′, Holder decides which crimes to investigate and which ones to sweep under the rug.

So while the Eric Holder resignation as Attorney General may sound like good news, do not cheer just yet. Barack Obama and his gang at the White House will select another head of the Justice Department, one who will be approved of by Al Sharpton. Now that Harry Reid can use the nuclear option freely in the U.S. Senate, the Democrats will approve a replacement while they are still in control.