Just hours before sending American military personnel into harms way, Barack Obama gave a latte salute to Marines as he arrived in New York City on Monday. He may be the Commander in Chief, but military protocol forbids holding anything in the same hand, even a coffee cup, when saluting. So was Obama disrespecting our troops once again? Or is this just another sign of what a thoughtless moron we have in the White House?

obama latte salute

Ugh! Yesterday was actually one of the rare times I paid Obama the respect of of preceding his name with his title as president in my article about the air strikes in Syria. Since joining RightPundits, I have probably only done that maybe 3-5 times over the past 4 years. And this is how he repays me! Ugh!!!

But seriously, folks, we all know the truth. Obama has little use for our people in uniform. Except as a group to blame for the ills of the world. He puts on a good act when Obama stages a photo-op, like some speech at a military base or when awarding a medal at the White House. Both he and his wife, Michelle Obama, often visit veterans hospitals and she does some work on various veteran issues. But deep down inside, you can tell that they would rather be doing something else. Like chillin′ with Bill Ayers or Louis Farrakhan and venting some rage against ′The Man′.

So did Barack Obama disrespect our military with a latte salute? Is our Commander in Chief just going through the motions in while holding a coffee cup in the same hand while returning a salute to our Marines? What may be even worse is that the first item on his trip to New York City was to speak at the UN about the phony issue of climate change rather than confronting terrorism. Doesn’t Obama know that the Styrofoam coffee cup is bad for our environment? All I can say is, UGH!!! #LatteSalute