What goes on in Orange County, Florida? Well, the school board there has approved the distribution of ′The Satanic Children′s BIG BOOK of Activities′ coloring book! In the spirit of freedom of religion, or freedom FROM religion, The Satanic Temple has published their new coloring book and will be distributing them to the Orange County School District. A Florida judge recently dismissed a lawsuit against the school district from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist group seeking to prevent any religious materials in public schools. While this may have been seen as a good thing for ′mainstream′ religions, it opened the doors to all comers, including devil worshipers.

satanic coloring book

Okay, so there goes the neighborhood. Across America, we have endless stories of how schools ban students from reading from Bibles during their free time, forbid students from saying ′under God′ during the Pledge of Allegiance (if they′re allowed to say the Pledge at all), and won′t permit football players from wearing crosses on their helmets nor allow cheerleaders to pray before a game. But its perfectly fine to have Satanic coloring books in schools! Aye-Yi-Yi! I also have to say that I am shocked that the cover of the Satanic coloring book only shows White children. Is The Satanic Temple racist for not showing any Satanic children who are Black, Latino, or Asian?

One thing we can say about the Common Core education system is that it is commonly opposed to anything with a hint of Judeo-Christian relevance. And Barack Obama and his supporters are baffled about why Islamic extremists want to come here and behead us all? No kidding they want to behead us! Maybe if we were still a God-believing nation, they might cut us some slack instead of cutting off our heads. But, no, this merry-go-round of Progressive nonsense continues.

So are you outraged, or even surprised that a school system in Obama′s America is allowing their students to have Satanic coloring books? Has the Orange County School District board been transformed by Common Core? The big winner here is The Satanic Temple, who publish and will distribute ′The Satanic Children′s BIG BOOK of Activities′. What will Sean Hannity, or his buddy, ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, say about this? Sorry. I know, but it has been a while since I stuck my fork in those two bozos.