Today on Capitol Hill, the Benghazi Select Committee begins to hold hearings on the 2012 attack by terrorists in Libya, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Led by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), the select committee will seek to resolve the many unanswered questions that exist. For example, why was there no additional security sent despite two earlier attacks and who started the whole ′blame-the-video′ story? This all comes as new allegations of a cover-up in the State Department have been made by former official Raymond Maxwell who claims that he saw staffers sifting through documents in order to conceal them from the Accountability Review Board, or ARB. The Obama administration, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with their allies in the Progressive-Liberal Media, often refer to the ARB report as a ′case-closed′, protecting Obama and Clinton from any blame. Of course, the ARB not only apparently did not have full access to all documents, as Maxwell alleges, but they also never interviewed Hillary Clinton, nor other key staff members in the State Department, nor even those who were in Benghazi during the attack!

benghazi select committee

One might ask, ″What difference could this possibly make now?″ Well, the answer is very simple, it does matter if those in charge screwed up and are trying to hide the truth of their mistakes. Even more importantly, if the same people responsible for the failure to adequately protect our citizens in Libya have lied to the nation to cover-up their failure.

While it may be late in the game to do anything about any role Barack Obama may have had in such a cover-up, there is that potential of Hillary Clinton who may run for president in 2016. What did she know and when did she know it? Why did she allow her so-called ′good friend′, Chris Stevens, be left in a dangerous situation? Was she responsible for giving the go-ahead for any actions that may have led to vital information being withheld from the ARB? How did she know that a silly You-Tube video was the cause of the terrorist attack?

These are the unresolved questions which the Benghazi hearings will try to answer. The special select committee, led by Trey Gowdy, has its work cut out for them as Hillary Clinton and others in the State Department at the time have proven to be less than forth coming in answering such questions. The Barack Obama administration has, in general, been very slippery on the Benghazi scandal, as they also have been on the IRS scandal, the AP spying scandal, the Obamacare website scandal, the NSA spying scandal, etc., etc., etc. So good luck to Gowdy and the rest of the select committee. This is going to go on for quite a while, probably well into next year.