The initial story of the Sarah Palin family brawl, reported by a blogger, Amanda Coyne, and later repeated by one Eric Thompson on ABC′s Good Morning America, seems to be false. A close friend of the Palin family told Real Clear Politics another version of the events which occurred during a birthday party for several snowmobile racers in Anchorage, Alaska. The party was hosted by Matt and Marc McKenna, who were celebrating their birthday. The Palins were invited as they were friends of the McKennas and also Todd was celebrating his 50th birthday. According to the first version told by Coyne and Thompson, the Palin family started the fight when son Track Palin went after Conner Cleary, an old boyfriend of his sister Willow Palin. Other guests joined in including Todd and Bristol Palin, who was said to have had a ″good right hook″ as she clobbered the owner of the home the party was held at, Chris Olds. The Anchorage Police said of the Palin family brawl that it was largely due to excessive alcohol and that no charges have been made.

sarah palin family brawl

But the latest version from the Palin family friend, as reported in Real Clear Politics, probably a more reliable source than a blog called ′The Immoral Minority′, tells a different tale. In this version, it was Conner Cleary who was acting lewd and Track was jumped by four guests as they exchanged words. Todd Palin rushed to son′s aid, as well as Sarah, in ′full Mama Grizzly Mode′, and the rest of the family. According to the Coyne version, Sarah at one point yells, ″Don′t you know who I am?″. But, according to the RCP source, she actually said, ″Don′t you know who he is? He′s a veteran!″, in reference to Track, who served in the U.S. Army, including a tour overseas. The RCP source also challenges the ′right hook′ story about Bristol Palin, as she is left-handed.

Eric Thompson, who told his story to Coyne and to ABC′s Good Morning America, admitted that he did not actually see how the fight began. He was later fired by his employers, the McKenna Bro.s Paving Company, for talking to the media. Thompson has also recounted his version of the story which he told Amanda Coyne. According to the Anchorage Police, some 20 people were involved in the brawl. So, it would seem that once again, the Media is out to paint Sarah Palin as some crazy, backwoods hick. Too bad, once again, that the truth derailed their efforts. Better luck next time! Hah-Hah-Hah!