Not sure how to file this news story about a Washington DC school giving students a compare Bush with Hitler assignment as homework? ′Your Tax Dollars At Work′ or ′The Dumbing Down of America′? But such is the case at the McKinley Middle School where one 6th grade teacher gave the assignment to students to use a Venn diagram to compare George W. Bush with Adolph Hitler. What is perhaps even more shocking is that the class uses as text books for the project, ″Fighting Hitler – A Holocaust Story″ and ″Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD″. No such books exist in print. Where did the material come from and who wrote it? Parents of students given this homework assignment were outraged, so much so that the chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, Kaya Henderson, had to issue a statement assuring folks that this is not part of the district′s official curriculum. The teacher was ordered to apologize for ″extremely poor judgment″.

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So, once again, we have the same, old typical Progressive-Liberal attempt to brainwash the minds of children. Not unlike what Hitler tried to do through his Hitler Youth program! If anyone is a fascist here, it is the 6th grade teacher. I have to wonder if this Bush – Hitler assignment has been used before? Maybe this is just the first time that the homework project was exposed to the public? The Liberal Media often jumps on anyone comparing Obama with Hitler with the tag of racism, even though both men are similar in their ideology which is based on Socialism. But comparing George W. Bush with Hitler is okay since Bush is a Republican.

Are you surprised that a 6th grade teacher in Washington DC gave his or her students a compare Bush with Hitler assignment? That is what happened this week at the McKinley Middle School. The DCPS chanecellor, Kaya Henderson, says that the assignment is not part of the school system′s curriculum. So how did the school fund the purchase of the ′text book′, ″Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD″? Did the teacher just buy copies from the dollar bin at Costco? Actually, there is no such book. The other ′text′ for the project, ″Fighting Hitler – A Holocaust Story″, also does not exist as an actual book. So apparently the teacher wrote the ′text books′ him or herself. Makes you wonder what else this alleged English teacher has also written to serve as text books for his or her class? Can I get a Venn diagram on that mystery?

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