How embarrassed was I as I watched Barack Obama as he addresses the nation on his plans against Syria, Iraq, and the dreaded ISIL-ISIS army of ′The Islamic State′? I was so embarrassed that I would rather have been watching Josh Flagg sell multimillion dollar homes while wearing slippers on Bravo-TV! And, oh, by the way, Josh Flagg did do just that by the end of the episode! At least Josh stopped using his gold-plated wheelchair to get around! Ah, progress! Meanwhile, Obama has taken America from the hey-day of ′Shock & Awe′ to the New Normal of ′Prick & Yawn′. Last night, Obama laid out his four point strategy for downsizing ISIL. Too bad that the plan stinks and will utterly fail.

obama addresses nation on syria

So Obama intends to launch airstrikes into Syria. He also intends to further arm, train and equip the so-called moderate Syrian rebels, which we are already doing in Jordan. Hopefully not the same ′moderates′ that sold American hostage Steven Sotloff to ISIL for $25,000. Never mind that just three weeks ago, Obama himself said that turning this rebel bunch into an army was a ″fantasy″. Obama′s whole life is a fantasy! He also intends to send an additional 475 U.S. troops to Iraq, though they will just be there to train and support the Iraqi army. Obama hopes to be able to depend on the new Iraqi government, which has barely been in office for two weeks. Finally, he intends to build a ′broad coalition′ of nations to combat ISIL. So far, only nine countries have pledged support and most of them refuse to send ground troops. Oops!

As Captain Binghamton of ′McHale′s Navy′ used to say, ″I could just scream!″ The sad reality is that Joe Flynn demonstrated more leadership on that old sitcom than Obama does today. The two things Obama did not say last night were, first, that we are at ′WAR′ with ISIL, and secondly, he dismissed any religious connection to this latest threat of radical Islam. This is like saying that Pope Urban II had nothing to do with the First Crusade. A bunch of Europeans just went to Jerusalem on a sight-seeing tour! Maybe buy some silks and other fabrics for their wives back at home.

So, with a spine of a wet noodle, Barack Obama addresses the nation on Syria, Iraq, and the ISIL-ISIS terror threat. Dick Cheney called it right the other day when he said that his pals in the Middle East consider Obama a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood. To listen to Obama brag about some 150 ′sorties′ against the Islamic State army was just plain embarrassing. A sortie means one aircraft flying one mission. This works out to about 4-5 ′sorties′ per day since Obama became engaged in this new war. So we blew up four Toyota pick up trucks. Big deal! No wonder that all of the new polls show that a majority of the American people consider Obama a failed president and America less secure than it was 6 years ago.