The latest polling data in key battleground states shows a Republican midterm edge for winning control of the U.S. Senate. In Arkansas, Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor is slightly behind his challenger, Rep. Tom Cotton. In Alaska, incumbent Democrat Mark Begich was doing well until he ran an inflammatory ad against Dan Sullivan which caused such an outrage that the Begich campaign had to withdraw it. In other states with incumbent Democrat senators, like West Virginia and South Dakota, the GOP has a distinct lead in those races. North Carolina may turn out to be a nail-biter, as well as states like Michigan where the Democrats thought they would have a certain victory. Currently, based on polling numbers, the GOP looks to win at least 51 senate seats and possibly 53 to 55. Between 5 to 6 states are so close that results may not be able to call a winner on election night.

republican midterm edge

This is a major reason why the Barack Obama administration decided not to pursue any action on the subject of immigration until after the November midterm elections. Obama′s polling numbers are continuing to decline after a series of domestic and international policy failures. For example, on Friday the August Jobs Report was less than thrilling as only some 142,000 non-farm jobs were created, about 100,000 fewer than what the Ivy League, white-shoed economists had predicted. Though the unemployment rate fell to 6.1%, the number of people who have given up looking for work increased yet again. So the so-called economic recovery is either nonexistent, or, at best, still very weak.

The summer was filled with bad news as the nation watched thousands of illegal immigrants stream over our borders. The Obama administration will not say where those whom have been ′processed′ have been sent to. On the international front, we had the crisis in Iraq with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as either ISIL or ISIS, and there was almost an outright war between Russia and Ukraine. Then we had the latest round of conflict between Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Israel. At least six cease fires, two engineered by John Kerry, were quickly violated by Hamas.

The ever continuing flurry of scandals amid the White House has not helped matters either. The much vaubted Obamacare websites are still proving to be sub-par and Democrats fear the next enrollment period which will start shortly. Democrat candidates for both the House and Senate are generally avoiding Obama, shying away from appearances with him. Even as Obama continues to raise money for the party, many Democrats will be happy when his term ends. They even feel safe these days voicing negative opinions of Obama′s policies.

Will the Republican midterm edge in the November elections win them control of the U.S. Senate? The GOP will most certainly hold on to the House of Representatives. Based on the latest polls, they may win the Senate, too. While the final results may not be the blow-out as some predicted last year as the Obamacare website debacle disheartened many Americans, the GOP still looks to win at least 51 seats.