Hillary Clinton was out to lunch when she appeared before the National Clean Energy summit on Thursday in Las Vegas with George Soros henchman, John Podesta. She continued to spread the same old lies about global warming being the most serious and urgent threat to our world. She even still believes that the polar ice caps are melting! Too bad she hasn′t read the latest reports from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center. As reported in the UK Daily Mail (see picture below), the polar ice cap is growing! Oops! Not only has it increased some 50-plus percent over the past two years, but according to the University of Illinois Cryosphere Project, the ice cap in the Northern hemisphere is getting thicker, too! Meanwhile, ISIS is beheading journalists, which may not be such a bad thing since the American media is ignoring the reality that there is no global warming while radical Islam is spreading like wildfire. With 11 missing jetliners lost in Tripoli, Libya, we can expect something big to happen soon in the War on Terror.

polar ice cap growing
The UK Daily Mail ran a terrific story about how the latest data shows that the northern polar ice cap is growing, not melting. Where is the American press? Image Credit: UK Daily Mail.

Climate scientists who earn fat paychecks promoting the lies about global warming are scrambling for excuses as to why the data shows that temperatures in the high Arctic have been steadily declining for the last decade. Some hypothesize that the oceans, namely the Atlantic, is absorbing heat at a higher rate than predicted. While a few are still warning that 2015 will be the year that the northern ice cap melts away, others are now pushing the date back to 2030. Al Gore won his Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 claiming that the northern ice cap would melt and be gone by 2014. Instead, it has grown!

Of course, Hillary Clinton is playing politics, attempting to secure the Democrat base for 2016. Many question her after she lost the primary in 2008 to Barack Obama due to her initial support of the Iraq War. A war which helped kill tens of thousands of terrorists. But since Obama has withdrawn all U.S. troops from Iraq, ISIS has been able to form and grow into an international player. There are now reports that ISIS may be established in Mexico and planning a major terrorist attack on Fort Bliss just north of El Paso, Texas. Maybe Hillary Clinton never recovered from that head injury she suffered when she fell? Or maybe she is just demented like all Liberals seem to be?