There are more rumors that Tamra Barney Judge was fired from the Reality TV series, The Real Housewives of Orange County, RHOC, by the producers and Bravo TV. According to many sources, including Radar-Online, her fellow cast members, such as newcomers Shannon Beador and Lizzy Rovsek as well as the original housewife, Vicky Gunvalson, can no longer stand Tamra and her lying ways. Rumors about the state of her marriage with Eddie Judge are also floating about, as well as the ongoing, bitter custody battle with her last husband, Simon Barney. RHOC was the first of the ′Real Housewives′ franchise at Bravo TV and just completed its 10th season. While the network has not confirmed as of yet that Tamra has been fired, neither have they issued any official statement that she will be returning for another season.

tamra barney judge fired

This is an ′Open Thread′ piece, meaning that you may comment on any subject you wish to. I have chosen to write about Tamra Barney Judge because I have been watching the series since the first season and I must say that the show has been in decline. My favorite housewife at first was Jeana Keough, who left RHOC early on shortly after Tamra joined the cast. They were both real estate agents and Tamra vowed to derail Jeana, which she failed to do so. I knew right then that Tamra was a trouble maker!

Jeana left RHOC for her own reasons, mainly following her divorce and to get her family and private life back on track. But since then, Tamra has gone after other new cast members. She had quite the little war with Gretchen Rossi, who easily dethroned Tamra as the ′hottest housewife′ in Orange County. Now, Tamra seems to be going after Lizzy, a former beauty queen, but my guess is that her real target is Heather Dubrow, who has recently revitalized her acting career. In other words, Tamra is just plain jealous of anyone whom is more successful than herself. Reports of many customer complaints about the fitness gym she and her husband started lead me to suspect it will fail soon.

So what lies ahead for Tamra Barney Judge if she was fired from the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Will her marriage to Eddie Judge end soon, too? Is there any hope that Tamra can remain friends with Shannon Beador, Lizzy Rovsek or Vicky Gunvalson? My guess is that Tamra will crater out and wind up doing MILF porn if she does get fired. Many think that Bravo TV may pull the plug and cancel RHOC anyway as it has the worst ratings of the Real Housewives franchise. What do you think?