Last Thursday, Barack Obama admitted that he has no strategy concerning the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as either ISIL or ISIS (Iraq and Syria). Fox News is reporting that a former Pentagon official says that Obama was being informed on the growing threat of ISIS during his daily security briefings. As we all know, Obama has a habit of skipping those, even though the White House has rescheduled for 10am every morning. I guess Obama has a hard time even showing up to work at 10am! This Sunday, the senior California Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chimed in during her talk show appearances, criticizing Barack Obama and his ′cautious approach′. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron laid out his strategy on Monday to improve security and respond to the growing threat that ISIL poses on the world.

obama briefed on ISIS

Prime Minister Cameron is proposing several new laws and procedures, including those involving travel and the use of passports. Since his speech last Friday concerning the beheading of James Foley, PM Cameron acknowledges that many British nationals are going to Syria via Turkey to join the Islamic State. Some may even return to spread their message of jihad. There are already thousands of Muslims within the UK now who have probably already been radicalized after attending mosques that preach jihad. Prime Minister David Cameron told the House of Commons on Monday that obtaining a passport is not an ′automatic right′ for British citizens. He is asking for temporary power to deny issuing passports to suspected jihadists as well as confiscate passports from suspected terrorists when they return to the UK.

Back in the United States, we are still waiting for Obama to tell us of his strategy to confront ISIS. I guess David Cameron did not have a full weekend of attending campaign fund raisers or the wedding of his chef to a host who works at MSNBC, a network which is practically part of the Obama administration propaganda machine. Instead, Obama is pivoting this week on talking about the economy, namely increasing the minimum wage. This, while the world burns in chaos and boat loads of illegal immigrants dressed in black are storming the beaches near San Diego. One of my confidants told me this weekend that he believes that our biggest mistake, aside from electing Barack Obama, was that after World War 2, the United States should have hired the United Kingdom to serve as our mercenaries and run the world. The British are far more experienced at the whole ′empire thing′ than we are.