While Barack Hussein Obama proclaims that he has no strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the army of ISIL, commonly called ISIS, is plotting to use the bubonic plague as a weapon of mass destruction against the West. So says a ′moderate′ Syrian rebel commander, Abu Ali, who shared the contents of a captured laptop computer with a reporter in Dubai. ISIS hopes that by using infected animals they can recreate that period of history often called The Black Death which killed about half the people in Europe. Magnus Ranstorp, the research director of the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, told Foreign Policy magazine that making such a weapon is difficult from the standpoint of distribution, but concedes that it is within the capabilities of ISIL to produce. Meanwhile, the King of Saudi Arabia warns that ISIL may attack Europe and or the United States within the next month. So are you worried?

obama no strategy

Maybe you should be since Obama admits that he has no strategy to deal with ISIL-ISIS. He said as much during a press conference on Thursday which was as bland and subdued as his taupe suit. Then Obama headed out for three days of fund raisers and to attend the wedding of MSNBC host Alex Wagner to his chef. Hmm? I wonder what he′ll give them as a wedding gift? Perhaps an iPod with recordings of his speeches? Of course, why should we expect Obama to be doing his job at this point? He hasn′t done it so far in the past five-plus years. Back on August 23 of 2013, he told reporters that he was working on a strategy to deal with terrorist groups like ISIS. Now, here we are a year later and ISIS is emerging as not only a regional threat, but a global one, too!

If you are worried that Western Civilization is in peril, here is another thing to consider. UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who actually has a plan as he understands the threat that ISIS poses, may get bounced from office in the up-coming elections. The Conservative Tory Party faces a serious challenge from the UKIP. Recent polls show that the Number One issue in the UK is immigration. It beats out the economy by almost two-to-one. I guess the British people are getting tired of a bunch of foreigners coming over and trying to change the traditional customs and laws which once made the UK great. In his speech on Friday, Cameron addressed the issue of Islamic Fundamentalism as a ″poisonous ideology″ that is not only global but also in the UK as well. He also did not blame Bush, the Iraq War nor the defense and intelligence establishment, unlike somebody else we know.

Yes, the Obama White House is already blaming the Pentagon and the CIA for their lack of a strategy. The Obama administration hasn′t directly blamed Bush yet, but they probably figure they don′t have to since it should be obvious to everyone. They don′t even think that we are at war with ISIS, as Josh Earnest told another MSNBC host, Pajama-Boy Chris Hayes. Apparently, Barack Obama hasn′t seen the news on TV yet about how the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has declared war on us and wants to fly their flag over the White House. So while Obama attends fund raisers and weddings and maybe even gets in a round or two of golf this Labor Day weekend, you can rest easy knowing that we have no strategy to combat ISIS. Never mind that ISIS is plotting to use the bubonic plague as a weapon of mass destruction against us. Obama has lost wars we already won and is now going to top that by losing a war we haven′t even fought yet!