There is a juvenile effort underway on the internet by Obama supporters to be heard on conservative websites. Democrats are posing as “Republicans for Obama” because they suspect (perhaps correctly) that liberal emotionalism will not be taken seriously. The scheme was recently joined by disgruntled ex-GOP legislators, Lincoln Chafee (former Sen. RI) and Jim Leach (former Rep. IA).

The scheme is to say “I am a Republican but this time I am voting for Obama” usually with some other message in the context of the article that was posted. I have seen countless examples of phony “Republicans for Obama” on this site, including this typical example from February 29th:

A once proud and “good�? group, the party has been hijacked by its own terrorists: those with an aptitude for “reinventing�? history, shaming others and using FORCE – not power – to accomplish self-serving agendas. I am a registered Republican and I will be voting – as will many other registered Republicans – for Barack Obama.

Believe it or not, this sort of obvious example is typical for this site and elsewhere. I suspect that most of these Democrat commenters are kids or young adults who think such a transparent tactic will be influential.

In reality, exit polls show extremely few cross-over votes for Barack Obama which is what one would expect for a liberal candidate. Based on the tiny percentage, one wonders if they all blog.

A college student started a website called Republicans for Obama which has been linked by every liberal website in cyberspace. The group boasts a whopping “over 1000 members” which means that every single one of these fakers have commented on the Right Pundits blog. HA!

And yet if one Googles “Republicans for Obama” you will find over 2 million examples of indexed comments from Obama supporters typing their script into conservative blogs. They spread their seed very thin.

The Republicans for Obama fiction will undoubtedly cause people to question the veracity of Barack Obama and his supporters.


As an update to this story, a renegade ex-Senator named Lincoln Chafee has put his name behind the “Republicans for Obama” movement. He was the most liberal GOP Senator, pro-abortion, anti-gun, and anti-war, who was defeated for re-election in Rhode Island. He is understandably bitter that he had little support from the party.

(post originally published in March, 2008)