The Discovery Channel has canceled the Reality TV series, ′Sons of Guns′, following new allegations and the arrest of star William Hayden for aggravated rape. According to documents obtained by Fox News, CNN and TMZ from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff′s Office, Will Hayden may have been raping and molesting his daughter ″almost daily″ since March 2013 right through till July, 2014. The documents also indicate that she lost her virginity when he raped her at the age of 11. His own gun company, Red Jacket Firearms, LLC, has issued a statement that Will Hayden is now legally separated from the firm. This action of the gun company cuts ties with Will Hayden follows other charges pending against Hayden for allegedly molesting the daughter of a former employee, from which Hayden was arrested back on August 9. Released on a $150,000 bond, Hayden must now come up with another $250,000 on these latest charges to get out of jail.

will hayden mugshot

Hayden′s adult daughter, Stephanie Hayden Ford, had posted on her Facebook page that the rumors about The Discovery Channel canceling the TV series were not true. But she has now deleted the post after the network made it public and official. Nothing was said after the first arrests for child molestation and ′aggravated crimes against nature″ by The Discovery Channel. Indeed, such allegations for a former, disgruntled employee are generally suspicious. Even though Hayden′s lawyer said that their was nothing beyond an employer-employee relationship, one has to wonder why the child victim claimed that he would walk around in her home wearing just boxer shorts?

Now another shoe has dropped, this time by Hayden′s own 12-year old daughter. According to the Sheriff′s Office documents, the child feared reporting after her father warned her, ″Don′t tell them nothing, because I′m all you got.″ She was afraid of possible physical abuse if she told law enforcement about being raped daily. So, I am now guessing that this former employee was something more than just an employee. Is her daughter also Hayden′s? Or are we looking at another possible victim from another marriage or relationship? Having taken a peak at Stephanie′s Facebook page, one comment was posted saying that Stephanie, herself, has claimed that daddy Will messed with her as a child, too. If that is true, then we have a very serious issue here!

So did The Discovery Channel make the right call in canceling ′Sons of Guns′ following the latest arrest and rape charges against Will Hayden? How will Red Jacket Firearms carry on now that they have legally separated themselves from their founder? Can William Hayden recover from these allegations if proven in court to be untrue? If they are true, then what does that say about Will Hayden? Is his goose cooked once and for all?