Those missing emails from Lois Lerner concerning the IRS scandal of targeting Conservatives and Tea Party groups apparently are not missing at all. So says Judicial Watch after a Department of Justice attorney informed them that there is a back-up computer system that holds all government data. It would seem that when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, an appointee of the Barack Obama administration, told Congress that he moved heaven and earth to find the missing emails, he was either mistaken or outright lying. Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, spilled the beans about the back-up system on Monday and the Justice Department gave them the news on Friday. So is this just laziness on the part of Obama appointees, following the laziness of Obama himself? Or is this another feeble attempt to cover up the truth by the White House that failed?

lois lerner IRS emails

The Obama administration has been less than forthcoming when it comes to practically any matter, any issue. Just a few weeks ago, 47 federal inspector generals drafted and signed a letter to Congress complaining about the obstructiveness of the Executive Branch. Obama and his flunkies do not want anyone to know what they are up to. Since the White House has the support of most of ′The Media′ in their hip pocket, the job of getting to the truth falls upon groups like Judicial Watch.

Anyone who knows anything about computers, especially how the government uses multiple back-ups in the event of some attack or disaster, knew all along that the Lois Lerner IRS emails still existed. The Department of Justice has verified to Judicial Watch that such is the case here. Mind you, the Justice Department has not located and found them yet. No doubt the Obama administration will continue to obstruct efforts to do so. So do not plan on seeing those emails in the near future. But at some point, they will surface and the truth will be known. That will be a bad day at the White House when it happens.