Does the senior senator from Nevada, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, hate Asians? Apparently so! Reid joked to an audience of Asians at a meeting of the Asian-American Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas last Thursday. He said, ″Wongs ain′t smarter than anyone else″. Oops! On Friday, Reid apologized for his remarks, especially since using the term ′Wong′ is about the equivalent of using the dreaded ′N-word′ when referring to African-Americans. Is the gaffe just the ramblings of a senile, old man who took one too many punches to his head during his brief boxing career? Or is Harry Reid just so full of himself he thinks he can say anything he likes and get away with it?

harry reid asians

Given how Harry Reid runs the U.S. Senate, I would have to say the latter is true. Actually, both are pretty true! Reid is probably senile and may have some form of brain damage. He also is a conceited ′jack-hole′ who probably thinks his farts smell like fresh roses on a spring morning. The guy hardly works, stuffing his desk drawer with over 300 bills passed by the House of Representatives so he does not have to do the job he is paid for. Harry Reid′s idea of politics is ′my-way-or-none-at-all′, much like that of the Obama administration and Democrats in general.

Politics is the art of compromise and we have little of that these days. Democrats are the worse offenders in recent history. Bill Clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the table to try to make a dent in budget deficits. Luckily for us, the GOP at the time had Newt Gringrich around to actually lead an opposition party and do the nation′s work. Newt didn′t get everything he wanted, but he got enough to at least put us on a trajectory towards fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, the world changed after 9/11 and we found ourselves at war with the most dangerous enemy since the Fascism of the 1930s.

Will Senator Harry Reid and the Asians he offended make up? Will they accept his apology and move forward? Or will Reid′s remarks in Las Vegas further stain his already failing career? Is this just another sign that the real racists in our political system are the Democrats?