Fire up the TARDIS, folks! Its the Doctor Who ′Take Over′ marathon week on BBC America! Starting on Monday, yesterday, our favorite channel from across the pond began a week-long festival for our favorite Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey. With hours of past seasons being shown daily, along with many of the Dr Who specials, everything is leading up to Saturday night when the premiere episode of Season 8 is aired at 9pm Eastern USA. In the first episode, entitled ′Deep Breath′, we get to see how the new, 12th Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi operates. Along with his companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, the good Doctor begins to figure himself out after regenerating from the Matt Smith version.

dr who peter capaldi

Capaldi, 56, is the eldest Dr Who since the series relaunch in 2005. After a 16 year absence from television, producer Russell Davies brought the show back. Originally created in 1963, it is the longest running science fiction show. Steve Moffat took over as executive producer in 2010 when David Tennant took over the role as the Doctor. Capaldi may be the most excited actor to play the role, as he was a fan from childhood. I′ve been watching him on another BBC series, The Musketeers, play Cardinal Richelieu and he is wonderful. By the way, the first season finale of The Musketeers is on this Sunday evening on BBC America, for all you fans of swashbuckling adventures.

Doctor Who is himself something of a swashbuckler. Though he is armed only with a sonic screwdriver rather than a sword, the Doctor still swaggers about time and space with great panache. So, hopefully, if Barack Obama does not do something stupid like end civilization as we know it before Sunday, we will all get a chance to have some fun watching the Doctor Who Take Over marathon week on BBC America. Dr. Who fans will definitely be amped up with the Season 8 premiere episode on Saturday night. You can count on me writing a recap and review Sunday morning.