The Democrat governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has ordered the state′s National Guard into the town of Ferguson only hours after doing 5 Sunday talk shows complaining about police militarization. For over a week, the town has been a scene of utter chaos following the shooting death of a black teenager, Michael Brown by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. The incident has sparked racial tension and civil unrest, resulting in looting, terror, violence and many arrests. Some of the protestors are from out of town, like the New Black Panther Party, stirring up more trouble. Efforts to enforce a curfew have led instead to more violence as hooligans throw Molotov cocktails at police.

national guard ferguson

An independent Michael Brown autopsy reveals that he was shot six times, four to the right arm and twice in the head. All of the entry wounds were from the front, contrary to some reports that he was show in the back. The incident occurred, as best as we can derive from various reports, is that Brown was shot after allegedly robbing cigars from a convenience store. Brown, 18, stands 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs over 290 pounds. Video shows him physically pushing around the store clerk as he left with his friends.

Officer Darren Wilson confronted Brown and his friends short later, not knowing about the robbery. His reason was that Brown and his fellows were walking in the middle of a street. There are differing reports as to who did what first, but apparently, there was some physical altercation. Brown turned away and started walking from Officer Wilson, but then turned back and may have charged quickly at the policeman. This is when Wilson fired, first at Brown′s arms, then two shots to the head.

Since the shooting on Saturday, August 9, the streets of Ferguson have been used by protestors to complain about police brutality and such. During the first night, police did nothing to interfere with the protests, which resulted in some looting to take place. After that, police have taken an active role in protecting the streets and local businesses from further looting and property damage. While some community leaders have tried to calm the situation down, others, mainly from outside Ferguson, have shown up to fan the flames of unrest.

Steps by local and Missouri state officials to appease protestors, such as replacing the Ferguson police chief, who is white, with a captain of the state highway patrol, who is black, have only led to even more violence. Since the curfew was imposed by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon after declaring a state of emergency, three more people have been shot in Ferguson, including two last night. So it would seem that playing nice is not working.