In Louisville, Kentucky, The Purge was almost in real life as a teenage prankster played an early Halloween trick. Posting a modified image of the movie poster for ′The Purge: Anarchy′ film released recently by Paramount on social media, residents in Louisville and in Detroit, Michigan thought that a night of lawless violence may be upon them. Sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were used to spread the rumor. In Louisville, some 80,000 people used a ′scanner′ on line, taken in by The Purge hoax. Many others wondered is The Purge real and threats abound. But nothing happened other than a false report that a giraffe was freed from the Louisville Zoo. Police have spoken with the teenage prankster and have decided not to press any charges.

louisvilles purge hoax

As stated in the title, this is an ′Open Thread′ piece, meaning that you may comment on any subject you care to. I have chosen to write about The Louisville Purge Hoax, mainly because it is trending on the Internet. It was a pretty stupid prank, nowhere near as clever as Orson Welles′ War of the Worlds stunt from 1938. Yet, still, the prank this week does show how social media can mislead the feeble minded. There seems to be quite a bit of that going around these days in the New Normal of the Age of Obama.

So maybe you want to vent about the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri? Or about the latest nonsense about Obama dancing the night away in Martha′s Vineyard while the world burns in places like Iraq, Ukraine, and Gaza? According to Obama, there is no need to rescue anybody in Iraq from the ISIS army of the ISIL. I guess the UN must then be wrong as they say it is a Stage 3 Humanitarian Crisis, their highest level. Obama′s assessment that ISIS is a junior varsity team was even countermanded by his own Defense Secretary, ′Bagel′ Hagel, who told a group of US Marines that ISIS is a threat to the world.

Maybe the teenager who orchestrated the Louisville Purge hoax should do one for Iraq? Many wondered if The Purge was real in Louisville, Kentucky and Detroit, Michigan as The Purge threat was posted on social media this past week. Perhaps that would scare ISIS away? I doubt it, but it would probably be more credible than anything Obama said to them.