America’s priorities are all upside down right now. Never mind our so called leaders; we the people have no clear absolutes anymore, no engagement with reality. Just look at what turns our head and what we tolerate.

St. Louis is burning right now. It started with the death of a young black man, shot by a police officer under conditions no one fully understands yet. Nonetheless, that event lit the fuse and provided the excuse for hundreds to act like idiots.

The violent death of any young person is a tragedy but how is that loss compensated for through rioting and looting? And when both happen, how do we know those engaged in it know or even care about the event that supposedly triggered it? The media never questions the motive of the looters; they just assume and thus justify the response as the only viable option. How the hell does that work?

This past week another unfortunate event occurred on a race track in New York. Now talking heads and thousands of people who have never been to race track much less seen a race are looking for the head of Tony Stewart. They have seen a video clip laced with angry looking photos and assume Stewart to be a vicious psychopath capable of mowing down a defenseless competitor. Meanwhile thousands of Christian men, women and children are trapped on a mountainside and face genocide at the hands of a real bunch of barbarians that would just as soon kill all of us as those on the mountain – and most could care less.

It says a lot about the people of America these days that we are so easily distracted by shiny objects that take our minds and hearts from things of substantially higher order. Far more people died in Chicago last week and every weekend prior than were killed at the hands of a police officer in St. Louis but we don’t blink an eye at that. Our border is being trampled by people we don’t know, carrying illnesses and contraband we don’t bother to investigate and once again, it doesn’t rise to our threshold for relevance. It is sad commentary in deed that Kim Kardashian gaining twenty pounds gets more internet inquiries than 600 known criminal aliens being released by Homeland Security.

There was a time when the people of America drew lines in the sand and said, “No more.” We paid attention. We were engaged in what was going on around us. We identified problems, we demanded solutions and we held people accountable. Back then we recognized wrong when we saw it and we said so. We recognized the good fight when we saw it and we fought it. Now, we just change the channel or put our ear buds in a little tighter to drown out the sights and sounds we don’t want to hear. Now, it’s all someone else’s problem.

So tell me?

Who IS someone else?