Robin Williams, 63, dies from an apparent suicide yesterday. The comedic actor was found dead in his home in northern California. While the method of how he committed suicide is unknown, the initial report by police is that Robin Williams died from asphyxiation. So whether he hung himself or used natural gas or committed suicide in his garage is a mystery. An autopsy will be done and the method will eventually be announced. Despite Robin Williams being among the funniest comics in entertainment history, he has a long struggle with drugs, alcohol and depression. All of Hollywood is in shock and mourning the loss.

robin williams dies
Robin Williams dies from suicide. His career from TV and movies apparently was not enough to make him happy. Image is of Williams playing the King of the Moon from the film, The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen.

Williams was one of those crazy wild men when it came to comedy. He didn′t real need a script. His funniest moments were when he would appear live on a late night show. Williams also appeared live on stage often, including performing for our troops overseas with the USO. One could call him the Bob Hope of our generation, but Williams went far beyond old ′Ski-Nose′ could in comedy. Steven Spielberg probably put it best in his tribute stateent referring to Williams as like a bolt of lightning. You didn′t need much of Robin Williams to make you laugh. He could have you splitting your guts with laughter in a flash.

Depression is a disease that destroys one′s soul. Everyone gets depressed at some point in their life. Most of us muddle through it by one means or another. When I get down in spirit, I watch a movie. Sometimes something serious like ″The Gathering Storm″ starring Richard Burton as Winston Churchill. That film covered Churchill′s worst moments in life as he was nearly run out of politics, but he stuck to his guns and wound up being the right man at the right place at the right time when the world needed him. Or I watch ″F is for Fake″, Orson Welles masterful ′docu-comedy′ about how the whole world of art, and everything else that requires ′experts′, is subject to trickery. Or I′ll watch some classic, slapstick, kooky comedy, like ″Our Man Godfrey″ with William Powell or ″Merrily We Live″, which is pretty much the same plot.

So this is the big story of the day, that Robin Williams dies at 63 from an apparent suicide. It is a shame that depression overwhelmed him. Perhaps if he had looked towards God instead of drugs and alcohol, he might have done better. But when your number is up, its up. So remember the happy times he made us laugh.