Star of the Discovery Channel series ′Sons of Guns′ William Hayden was arrested over the weekend on allegations of child molestation and ′aggravated crimes against nature′, according to The Advocate in Louisiana. Police took Hayden, 49, into custody and he spent Friday night in the Baton Rouge Parish jail. He was released the following day after posting a $150,000 bond. His company, Red Jacket Firearms LLC, issued a statement dismissing the charges as being false. The girl in question was apparently the daughter of a woman whom Hayden had a relationship with. The woman was apparently fired recently by Hayden. According to an interview of the girl in question by police, there was no actual physical contact with Hayden, he was just walking around the house wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. I have to wonder if that image counts as ′aggravated crimes against nature′?

Sons of Guns Will Hayden arrested

Hayden′s lawyer, C. Frank Holthaus, told reporters that the mother of the girl was not romantically involved with Hayden, she just worked for him. So the whole thing smells a bit fishy as far as this just being a case of some lame attempt to cause Hayden trouble by the woman he fired. This is why the old saying, never dip your pen in the company′s ink is about the soundest advice you can get in a work place.

Frankly, I don′t like Will Hayden. He comes off as a bully who enjoys rubbing folks the wrong way from what I have seen of him on the Discovery Channel series, Sons of Guns. His promoting Kris Ford as production manager over Vince simply because Kris married Will′s daughter, Stephanie, also shows a lack of character. So it does not surprise me that now he’s having issues with another employee, forcing him to fire her and now faces some trumped-up payback. These are the times we in. Our society is one of over-litigation and the easiest way to assassinate one′s character is to claim they are either a racist or a child molester. As I said, I don′t like William Hayden, but I wish him well in defending himself from these charges if untrue.