So Hillary Clinton blames Barack Obama for his failure in foreign policy for all of the havoc in the Middle East. This comes during an interview by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic Monthly. The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, believes that the United States must support Israel over Hamas and other enemies. She also blames Obama for the crisis in Syria and Iraq, as well as the rise of ISIL and their ISIS army. She is not alone as Senator Lindsay Graham spoke about Iraq, making a dire prediction that America may be a target for terrorism sponsored by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The question we have to ask is Hillary Clinton just trying to distance herself from Obama as the 2016 presidential campaign draws near, or does she real think her old boss was a moron?

hillary clinton obama failure

Obviously, Hillary is playing politics. After her last gaffe about being broke, Hilldog′s poll numbers have slipped a bit. Especially following her daughter Chelsea′s admission that she never thinks about money since she earns $650,000 a year from her job at NBC News along with $75,000 a pop at speaking engagements. Not bad coin for Chelsea! I wonder how she fairs at playing cattle futures? Maybe she learned a thing or two during her brief career in the hedge fund game?

Of course, the amusing part of all of this is watching Liberal Democrats attack each other. If you watch the Main Stream Media, all you ever see is infighting within the GOP. Nice to know the other side has its problems, too. However, the big losers will be the American people if they buy into this deception from Hillary Clinton. After all, she was Obama′s top diplomat for 4 years. If his foreign policy is a failure then part of the blame goes on her.

So what are your thoughts about Hillary Clinton blaming Barack Obama for a failure in foreign policy? Is the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton correct that the United States has blown it in the Middle East? That is what she told Jeffrey Goldberg during an interview with the Atlantic Monthly. Or is Hillary just trying to appear to be at odds with her old boss since his poll numbers are plummeting and she needs to repair her own self-inflicted wounds from her ′we′re broke′ gaffe? With the 2014 mid-term elections already looking like a disaster film for the Democrats, are they now growing concerned about 2016? Is Hillary Clinton too tainted to unify the party? Will we see another blood-letting as we did in 2008? Your opinions and comments are always welcomed.