When Barack Obama flip-flopped on his Iraq War position Thursday, and authorized airstrikes in Iraq on ISIS army units, the U.S. Navy dropped two 500-pound bombs. Yes, count′em, one-two, 2 bombs on a single ISIS artillery piece. Apparently it was a towed gun of some sort. Unfortunately, the bombs missed and the gun moved, then returned to the same position when it was finally destroyed, either by a drone attack or during a second airstrike yesterday. In addition, the second airstrike launched against ISIS forces in Iraq attacked a single mortar position and as many as 7 trucks. Navy jets also escorted several cargo planes which as of yesterday air-dropped some 36,000 MREs and at least 1,500 gallons of water to the Yazidi refugees trapped on a mountain. Hardly enough to keep the estimated 40,000 people alive. But do not panic, Obama is so confident that his Operation No-Name will succeed that he is leaving for his annual vacation on Martha′s Vineyard today.

obama vacation

Yep, just another day of the New Normal in the Age of Obama. The Pentagon has not even named this operation yet! If you′ve seen as many movies as I have about how our government and military functions, they usually just get a name from a computer. Maybe the White House will run some focus groups this weekend to come up with a name that will make the Liberal base happy?

Even Mr. Ketchup, Secretary of State John Kerry, is now viewing ISIS as a serious threat. The Obama administration reportedly decided to do something now as the Iraqi city of Erbil is a target for ISIS. We have a consulate there as well as several thousands of American citizens living in Erbil. Given the history of ISIS troops beheading infidels and others who oppose them, this could make the 2012 attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya look like a picnic. ISIS also has seized control of the Mosul Dam on the northern end of the Tigris River. Not only could they shut off the electricity for much of the country, but ISIS could send a 63-foot wave of water down the Tigris and flood Baghdad.

The Iraqis and others have been warning us about ISIS for months and Obama did nothing. A request from the Kurds for rifles and ammunition was rejected over a month ago. The King of Jordan is also worried since ISIS is actually ISIL. Our stupid news media calls them ISIS but their true name is ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,. The Levant covers an region of most of Syria, Jordan and Israel. In June, Obama said that they were a junior varsity team. Well, I think we′ve seen now that they are far more dangerous to world peace.

So, once again, Barack Obama has blown it, misjudging the realities of the Real World. Furthermore, once again, we see the typical response by Obama, do something half-ass then go on vacation. I doubt if this dropping two bombs business even qualifies as being half-baked. I would hate to start talking about The End Times, as I know our Liberal readers will become unnerved by any religious references. I′ll just wrap this up by saying that this is just another nail in the coffin for Western Civilization, courtesy of Obama.