With pressure mounting from the world, Barack Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq against the ISIS army. The U.S. Navy launched the first airstrikes against artillery positions in northern Iraq, where ISIS forces have surrounded some 15-40 thousand Kurds. So, after years of Obama telling us we had no business in Iraq, and months of ignoring the chaos in Iraq as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria army gobbles up the country, Obama has changed his mind. Obama appeared late last night on TV announcing his decision, probably still hung over from his wild party the night before at the White House for African dictators and tyrants. Obama also promised airdrops of humanitarian supplies to the trapped Kurds, including thousands of Yazidi, a minority religious sect. Surrounded on a mountain, they have little in the way of food and water.

obama airstrikes in iraq

This ′decision′ of Obama′s is what we in the ′Real World′ call a ′no-brainer′, just as the Navy SEAL raid to get Osama Bin Laden was. Why it took so long for him to make up his mind is telling of just how incompetent Obama is. Had we done something sooner, Iraq may not be in the sad condition it is now. But Obama had more important things on his mind, like fund raisers and golf games to be bothered by thousands of civilians, especially thousands of Iraqi Christians, being persecuted and murdered by ISIS.

So here we are again as Barack Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq. The U.S. left Iraq when it was in decent shape, though everyone knew that without our presence a new crisis in Iraq would emerge. Which is exactly what we now have as ISIS army forces attack the Kurds and Christians in Iraq. Did Obama act brilliantly as his pals in the Left-Wing Media are saying? Or did he just do what was obviously the correct choice?