According to USA Today, $619 Billion is missing from some 302 federal programs based on a report from a governmental transparency website, Tasked with federal funding accountability through the Government Accountability Office, the GAO, the website is supposed to keep track of how our tax dollars are spent. The largest chunk appears to come from the Department of Health due to Medicare and Medicaid. This is not the only bad news about accountability for the Obama administration as 47, count′em… 47, federal inspector generals have sent a joint letter to Congress complaining about the White House and federal agencies stonewalling them. They specifically named the Department of Justice, the Peace Corps and the Chemical Safety Board as having withheld vital information from their investigations.

 619 billion missing

The level of dishonesty and deflection being conducted by the Obama administration is nothing less than a historic high. Naturally, their friends in The Media help aid the White House in hiding the truth about the amount of waste, fraud and corruption. Media Trackers issued a report this week exposing a group of some 1,000 journalists who deliberately are engaged in deceiving the public. Nixon got run out of office for far less, but then, he was a target of The Media.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about The Truth Movement which played a major role in events which ultimately led to the French Revolution. How after the first, transparent accounting of France′s finances were published, people began to realize that the country was being misled by incompetent fools. Wasting $619 Billion dollars by our political leaders is not all that different.

So are you upset that $619 Billion is missing from our federal government? Is this yet another indication of just how incompetent the Barack Obama administration is? How about 47 federal inspector generals complaining to Congress that the White House and several agencies deliberately held information from them? Does this prove beyond any doubt that Obama is hiding many things from us?