File this under ′What Else Is New?′ Former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, co-wrote an op-ed piece with the former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, in Foreign Policy magazine. The article called for the United States government, as well as those in Europe, to recognize Hamas as a legitimate ′political force′. Carter and Robinson go on to attack Israel for their bombing of civilians in Gaza, ignoring the rocketing and terrorist attacks staged by Hamas against the Jewish nation. That the U.S. and E.U. need to recognize the ′legitimacy of Hamas as a political actor′ over Israel is just plain stupidity. Israeli Defense Forces are only acting in self-defense to the aggression by Hamas. During the past five attempts at a cease fire, Hamas broke the peace each time. Even the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is having a hard time dealing with the rouge government in Gaza.

jimmy carter

What can one expect from Jimmy Carter? The man is a buffoon! Perhaps he is upset that Barack Obama has replaced him as the worst U.S. president since WW2 according to recent surveys. Or maybe Carter′s brain has finally gone over the edge? Whatever the case is to explain this latest drooling from Carter′s mind, it just shows the usual idiocy we typically see in the Progressive-Left when it comes to the subject of Israel.

So are you embarrassed by Jimmy Carter and his latest thoughts about supporting Hamas, a terrorist group? As he gone off the deep end with this op-ed he co-wrote with Mary Robinson for Foreign Policy magazine? Is Carter just another stupid Liberal who is clueless about how the world works? Should we even bother paying any attention to this aging fool? This is the topic for the day, so feel free to comment your thoughts on the subject.