Who is the more manly-man, Vladimir Putin or Barack Obama? The Kremlin mocks Obama in a tweet posted on Twitter by Russia′s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He tweeted a photo showing Putin holding a leopard on one side and Obama holding some small, fluffy pooch on the other half. The Putin photo was taken back during the Sochi Winter Olympics as Vladimir held a Persian leopard, an endangered species. Obama′s dog is identified as being a Bichon Frise′, hardly a dog for a ′real man′ to be associated with. Rogozin says in the tweet that ″we have different values″, questioning Obama′s manhood. Not surprising as Obama leads from behind in another exercise of limp-wristed diplomacy following the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Not that the European Union has exactly taken the lead on sanctions against Russia over its war with Ukraine.

kremlin mocks obama tweet

Luckily for us, Obama will soon be starting his usual 3 week vacation at Martha′s Vineyard. He could use the break. Especially after he and John Kerry got bamboozled by Hamas for the 5th time in breaking a ceasefire with Israel in Gaza. Back on the home-front, the border crisis continues to get worse. House Republicans pased a $690 Million dollar package to help fund additional security, including paying the states for their use of National Guard troops. This falls well short of the 3.7 Billion dollars Obama wanted to pay for lawyers and underwear for the illegal immigrants. Either way, it is too late for now to do anything as Harry Reid has sent the U.S. Senate home for their month-long vacation.

So what do you think about this Kremlin mocks Obama tweet? Was Dmitry Rogozin correct in his juxtaposition that Vladimir Putin holding a leopard is more manly than Barack Obama holding some fluffy dog? Should we be concerned that Russia has been getting away with quite a bit ever since the Sochi Wonter Olympics, including the shoot down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Is Obama solely at fault or does the European Union also share in the blame? My final question of the day is are you looking forward to Obama going on vacation so you will not be annoyed when he shows up a half hour late, interrupting your favorite TV show, to make another dopey speech?