House Republicans passed the bill yesterday to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama for exceeding his executive powers. While giving a speech in Kansas City, Obama replied to the GOP, ′Stop just hating all the time′. What else did we except from him? We have the most corrupt White House in ages. The Obama administration even surpasses that of Nixon′s in breaking the law and manipulating the Constitution. Knowing that the vote was coming, Obama and the Democrats began a campaign last week warning supporters that impeachment was next. The scare tactic worked, raising millions of dollars for Democrat candidates. With the annual summer vacation period approaching, Obama is setting the stage for another major abuse of executive power, acting on the current border chaos to give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

obama to gop

What impact the lawsuit may have, even if successful, is vague at best. But is it an exercise in hate? Obviously not! The one hating here is Obama, not the GOP. Obama hates our systems of laws. Obama hates being restrained by the Constitution. Obama would prefer being a king, an absolute tyrant, able to do whatever he wants to.

So for Obama to complain about Republicans hating him is laughable. Every single poll being taken these days shows that public support for Obama is waning. Nearly two-thirds oppose his actions concerning allowing illegal immigrant children to remain in the United States. Even more think his over all foreign policy stinks. One poll now shows that if the 2012 election were done today, Mitt Romney would beat Obama by more than 10 percentage points. This is why Democrats are terrified that the November mid-term elections will end very badly for them.

So while Barack Obama says to the GOP: ′Just stop hating all the time′, as he did yesterday in Kansas City, Republicans march forward in attempting to restore the rule of law upon the land. Without law, we have chaos. The Obama White House wants chaos as they hate America and all it stands for. Obama is the hater, not Republicans.