Joan Rivers is at it again! Go, Joan, go! This time its about the fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. TMZ caught Joan at LAX where they were asking celebrities about the conflict. Joan Rivers launched into a rant, slamming the Media, namely the BBC and CNN, for their misleading coverage of the fighting. She says that a partial truce is not a solution and that those critical of Israel are ″all insane″. When prodded about the deaths of Palestinian civilians, Rivers blamed Hamas as they put weapons in civilian homes. The TMZ reporter mentioned that Selena Gomez tweeted on Twitter for all to ″Pray for Gaza″. Joan dismissed Gomez as being a fool. Way to go, Joan! Watch the Joan Rivers rant video embedded below!

joan rivers gaza rant

As of this morning, there is a 12-hour, ′humanitarian′ cease fire in Gaza so that food and other needs can be obtained by residents. Israel has destroyed 15 of the 31 tunnel systems they have so far discovered. Tunnels made with donated concrete and supplies meant to build schools and hospitals. Hamas was been using the tunnels to launch rockets and terrorist attacks against Israel. On Friday, Hamas called on Iran to help them find a way to defeat Israeli armored vehicles protected by the ′Windbreaker Armor′ system which has successfully repelled antitank weapons, mostly of Russian origin.

Even the United Nations admitted this week that Hamas has been storing rockets and other weapons in schools built and run by the UN. Israel has been extra careful in avoiding civilian casualties by dropping leaflets, even telephoning buildings they intend to attack so civilians can be warned and escape. Joan Rivers is correct that it is madness to blame Israel for any of this. Maybe she should have a chat with Barack Obama and John Kerry as both are clueless.

The world is ganging up on Israel. Oddly, their only allies against Hamas appear to be Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.. In Saint-Nicolas, Belgium, a cafe posted a large sign banning Jews from their restaurant. Dogs are permitted, but not Jews! The mayor sent police to have the sign taken down. In Antwerp, a store refused to sell goods to an Orthodox Jewish woman in protest over the fighting in Gaza. France and Germany have also seen many anti-Israel marches and demonstrations. Earlier this week, the U.S. and other Western nations issued travel warnings and many airlines suspended flights to Israel. Even some Liberal Jews, who usually oppose the nation of Israel, balked at Obama during his three-day fund raising tour through California. The shoulders were so cold that the $25,000 ticket prices had to be slashed to $5,000, else Obama would speak to an empty room. Obama eventually had to have the FAA end the travel warning and other nations followed likewise.

So is it any wonder that Joan Rivers is angry about the slanted Media coverage, depicting poor, helpless Palestians being pounded by Israeli tanks and artillery? What about the Israeli citizens whom have to spend days in bunkers as Hamas rockets, launched from schools, hospitals and mosques rain down? Do you agree with Joan Rivers that Selena Gomez is an idiot for her ″Pray for Gaza″ tweet on Twitter? When will Obama and Kerry act like friends to Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East? Or have they joined with other Anti-Semites to support the terrorists of Hamas?