Last night on the National Geographic Channel we had the premiere episode for a new season of Doomsday Preppers entitled, ′To Fail Is To Die′. A rather ominous title at that! This followed another Doomsday Prepper marathon and a new best-of program called ′Back To Basics′, which covered food, shelter, defense and bugging out techniques. This new season, we return to the old format of featuring three preppers instead of only two. Also, each prepper got their own double segment instead of last season′s method of bouncing back and forth between the two preppers covered. I′m happy that they wet back to the old format as it is more orderly. I′d bet John Calvin and Oliver Cromwell would have been happy, too! So let us meet our preppers, Jimi Falcon, Cindy Stewart and Ron Godfrey…

doomsday preppers to fail is to die
Cindy Stewart is ready for WW3 should America be invaded. Image Credit: National Geographic.

First up is Jimi Falcon from Montana. Jimi is a former defense contractor and he has been prepping for World War III for the last 25 years. He lives on a remote mountain in the Rockies at 5,000 above sea level. His property has a nice stream running through it and plenty of forest. Should Russia, China or soembody else launch a nuclear attack against the United States, Jimi has 24 caves, each with a cache of supplies, for he and his two kitty cats to seek shelter in.

Jimi pans for gold in his stream and actually does find some. While there are elk, deer and muskrats available for food, hunting and elk or deer could take days. Meanwhile, there is a town just an hour away with a store that actually sells food packaged and ready to eat. Imagine that! Unfortunately for Jimi, the young lady cashier working the checkout will only take Federal Reserve Notes for the food, no gold bartering. Oh well, she′ll learn one day! Jimi pays for the meat and returns to his cabin where he slices it up and cures it in his smokehouse. The heat from which also warms the water for his outdoor bathtub. Hygiene is important, even if your only companions are a pair of fat, lazy cats. Jimi scores an 81, giving him 16 months of survival.

Down in Georgia, Cindy Stewart has been also been prepping for WW III ever since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. With her husband Randy and teenage son Adam, they left the comfort and careers in Atlanta for a rural community 100 miles away. There, they started a new business doing taxidermy for fun and profit. Cindy fears that our military bases may be nukes and that attack will be followed up by an actual invasion of America. Heck, we′re already being invaded, just look at our southern border! She is stockpiling food and plenty of guns. Even her home is designed like a military blockhouse with firing ports.

But when things get hot, she and her family will use taxidermy to defend their property. They make I.E.D.s using the carcases of a raccoon, a pheasant and a squirrel. Cindy and her family routinely drill for fighting off invaders. During an exercise run for the TV cameras, things got off to a bad start when a box of ammo fell off their ATV. But this was compensated when they detonated their taxidermy IEDs. The squirrel wasn′t much but the raccoon, packed with 7 pounds of explosives, made quite an impression! KABOOM! They score a 73, giving them 13 months of survival in an occupied America.

Lastly, we had Ron Godfrey, a retired Army communications specialist. His home in West Virginia is a radio network command center. Ron is prepping for wild weather due to climate change and has already been quite busy. With a battery of 20 radios covering the whole spectrum of communications, from CB radios to satellites, Ron was involved in assisting during many major storms, including Hurricane Katrina. Ron recalls during Hurricane Hugo when he was talking on his HAM radio to a man in Costa Rica while the man′s roof was torn off.

Working with local, state and federal emergency services, Ron is a communications hub for many volunteer radio operators. During the filming, a nasty storm developed threatening flash floods in his area. Ron′s chief concern is his 84-year old father whom is in poor health. Unable to reach him with his CB radio, Ron dispatches a volunteer, Greg, to drive to his Dad′s house. Assisting Greg via radio, Ron notifies him that he needs to take an alternative route as roads begin to be flooded. Greg reports back that he has reached Ron′s Dad and all is well. Greg evacuates him along with needed medicine to safety. Ron scores an 83, giving him 18 months of survival should there be another Great Flood.

I am happy that a new season of Doomsday Preppers is back on NatGeo TV. I am also happy that they have gone back to their original format, too! It just seems to me to make more sense focusing on one prepper at a time than bouncing back and forth between two preppers. The original format is better for me to write recaps and reviews of each episode. To those out there who think that Doomsday Preppers are nuts, all I can say is that polling shows that 25% of Americans have no emergency plans or supplies at all. So most people do have something, even if its just enough to last a few days during a typical weather disaster where you might be without electricity for a day or three. Prepping is no different than taking out an insurance policy. Some folks may go a bit beyond what seems rational. But it is their choice and their money, so more power to them!