Commentator Billy Johnson, seen regularly on the NRA News on the Sportsman Channel, says that everyone gets a gun and gun training, children, too! He believes that the world would be a better place if the Second Amendment of our Constitution were taught properly to school children at a young age, along with gun safety and how to shoot. That the younger the better as far as when to start such education. Billy also believes that instead of ′gun-free zones′, which many communities and businesses currently promote, that we should instead have ′gun-required zones′, places where protecting our lives and property should take priority.

evereyone gets a gun

This sort of thinking always brings back fond memories of my childhood. At the Catholic school I attended, Our Lady Queen of Heaven, we had a pastor, Father Maruwka. Now, every year, he always gave the same speech to the final school assembly just before the summer break. Father Maruwka, pronounced Mah-Roov-ka, would recall an incident he once saw of young hooligans knocking over an elderly woman while riding their bicycles on the sidewalk. He would always say each year, ″I would rather give a child a butcher′s knife to play with than a bicycle!″

After his speech, we would then watch some movie, usually like ″The Song of Bernadette″ or ″Our Lady of Fatima″. Though, one year one, we were shown my favorite, ″Thirteen Frightened Girls″. This was an odd choice to show at a Catholic school in those days, since I believe that the movie was a William Castle film. While it may not have been as tempting as Russ Meyer′s ″Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!″, ″Thirteen Frightened Girls″ did have some sexual innuendo. There was a ′Lolitta′ element as the 16 year old daughter of the U.S. ambassador was in love with the older CIA agent. Perhaps Father Maruwka believed that pedophilia was acceptable when it came to it being used to defeat the Red Peril of Communists and Atheists.

So would you agree with Billy Johnson that everyone gets a gun? That children at a young age should be taught to use their Second Amendment rights? Or are you a Communist-Atheist who likes the idea of children riding bicycles to smash Christians and Capitalists by running them down on our nation′s sidewalks? Then just getting away with it laughing all the way to the Kremlin? I′m sure I′ll hear something about this article!