Tuesday night on Bravo TV, the season 6 finale of The Real Housewives of New York City aired with the shocking ending of Aviva Drescher tossing her fake leg at the other cast members. Across the cathedrals, one could hear John Calvin and Oliver Cromwell calling out to all of those in the Neo-Reactionary movement that alas, Western culture has hit rock bottom! With Barack Obama rotting out our political and economic system, his pals in Hollywood are attempting to drive the final nails into the coffin of Western Civilization. The RHONCY may just be a crummy Reality TV series, but it ranks right up there with the ISIS army attacking Christians in Iraq and Hamas trying to murder Jews in Israel. You really cannot smash democracy or Capitalism without destroying culture, too.

aviva fake leg

So why should Neo-Reactionaries celebrate this moment in bad television? Because it rings true that the game is already lost. There is no turning back the clock to a pre-Obama time period. Obama has been the most effective instrument in the destruction of Western Civilization, which is the aspiration of all fanatical Marxists and Islamo-fascists. It does not really matter whether you think Obama is one, or the other, or a strange hybrid of both, or just an incompetent fool. In the end, it all leads to the same result.

I will admit that I probably watch Bravo TV more than I do Fox News. Especially now after Fox fired Judge Andrew Napolitano for speaking the truth. One of my fantasies is Tabatha Coffey walking into the White House and telling Obama and his staff of liars, ″My name is Tabatha, and I′m taking over! By the end of the week, some of you may still work here and some of you may be gone!″ A Tabatha Take-Over of the White House would be hilarious! Might even buy us another 10 or 20 years before Western Civilization totally collapses.

Did you watch The Real Housewives of New York City season finale on Bravo TV this week? Did you see Aviva Drescher toss her fake leg at the other cast members? Is Aviva a member of the Illuminati since you can spell her name backwards or forward? Would you agree that the Neo-Reactionary movement was handed a golden goose on a silver platter thanks to this incident?