Rick Perry, President of the Republic of Texas…, er, um, Governor of the State of Texas, has decided to send 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border with Mexico. This follows a wild weekend of drug cartel and illegal immigrant traffickers running amok, including shooting .50 caliber weapons across the border. Since America′s first anti-president, Barack Hussein Obama, refuses to do anything to fix the problems he himself created with his ′Mini-Dream-Act′, Rick Perry is taking matters in his own hands, calling up the guard to assist the Texas Department of Public Safety, a.k.a. the Texas Rangers. Depicted as a bumbling fool during the 2012 GOP primary debates, Rick Perry is demonstrating that he has far more experience and guts when it comes to leadership than Barack ′El Zero′ Obama.

perry sends troops to border

With substantial numbers of Border Patrol agents detailed to the care and feeding of the 50,000 illegal immigrant children who streamed in from Central America after Obama promised they wouldn′t be deported, border security is at an all-time low. Just in the past couple of months, some 240,000 illegal adult immigrants have also crossed the border. Police are also seeing an increase in drugs entering the United States from Mexico. A story broke this weekend that a report warning this would happen authored last year was totally ignored by the White House and the Obama administration.

I like Rick Perry. He may be a fool, but he′s my kind of fool! At least he knows when its time to roll up the sleeves and do so real work. Not just run about staging photo-ops, attending fundraisers or playing golf. How this action on the border will impact any future political ambitions is uncertain, but at least Perry is showing that he has not checked out as his final term as governor comes to an end. Unlike ′El Bozo′ Obama!