My favorite Liberal, Bob Beckel, caused another scandal on ′The Five′ when he referred to Chinese people as ′Chinamen′. The other hosts on the Fox News Channel′s talk show all grimaced as Bob tried to recover during his ′One More Thing′ rant about how China is the, ′single biggest threat to national security′. Beckel often complains about the Chinese and this time the focus was on how they come to America to study in our colleges, then return to China where they hack into our computer systems. In recent weeks, there was another wave of hacks into many government websites which have been traced back to China. This latest Bob Beckel scandal from Thursday′s show erupted a small firestorm of outrage on the Internet.

bob beckel scandal

I like Bob Beckel. I have no doubt that he would be a fun person to hang out with, even though he is clean and sober. True, I think his politics stink, and watching him day-in and day-out try to defend Obama and Democrats in general is tedious. Like many Liberals, they cannot stand up to the reality of facts. This forces them to either make up their own facts or distract and deflect on some minor detail. Bob is so far deep in the Liberal Kool-Ade that he refuses to even talk about Benghazi anymore. What difference does it make now, eh, Bob?

In many ways, Bob Beckel reminds me of my dear-departed father, who was a Yellow-Dog-Democrat and UAW member. Gruff to the point of being a bully in his younger days, Bob Beckel has mellowed out in recent years. But there are still some topics that light his fuse and China is one of them.

So does the latest Bob Beckel scandal phase you? Was his use of the term ′Chinamen′ a racial slur against the Chinese people? Should Bob be suspended for a short time from his cohost duties on ′The Five′ on the Fox News Channel? What about the larger issue? Do you agree that the China is the single biggest threat to national security? One thing that is good news is that Bob Beckel has stopped yelling ′One More Thing′ at the lovely Kimberly Guilfolye, which always annoyed her to no end.