Our hero, Glenn Beck, is bringing aid to young refugees being held at McAllen, Texas. Glenn is going with several tractor trailers full of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls. Barack Obama may be too busy to visit with the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders, but not Beck! With a heart of gold, Glenn plans to lead his convoy of hope on July 19. But will the Obama administration allow their course of lawlessness be upstaged by the Mercury One talk radio host? Offers of assistance by several religious, or, if you prefer, faith-based, organizations have been rejected. But some folks are already angry with Glenn Beck over this decision to provide material and emotional aid, sending him nasty emails, even death threats! Would you support Beck in this humanitarian endeavor?

glenn beck refugee children

So Obama did go to Texas yesterday and met with Gov. Rick Perry to talk about the border chaos Obama created. Needless to say, it did not go well. Obama had a much better time the day before in Colorado where he did some fundraising, then later shot pool, eat pizza and drank beer with local college students. One even offered Obama some pot to smoke! Obama passed on the joint and a good thing, too, since he would have ′Bogart′ it. I suspect that these days, when Obama smokes cigarettes, he smokes the ′O-P′ brand, meaning Other Peoples′ as he is a cheapstake when it comes to buying something with his own cash. This is why he always does some little ding-dong public event while actually traveling to do fundraisers for the Democrats, as he did in Colorado and Texas.

Obama said he would not go to the border in Texas because he does not believe in doing photo-ops. Yeah, right! Like we believe that one! Obama is Mr. Photo-Op! Whether its walking around the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy with Chris Christie, doing an Obamacare speech with a bunch of doctors wearing white coats provided by the White House, or shooting a shotgun to show how manly he is, there is always that ′Kodak Moment′.

So what do you think about Glenn Beck bringing aid to young refugees of Obama′s illegal immigration scam? Glenn says, ″I′ve never taken a position more deadly to my career than this.″ A lot of people are mad at him for planning this convoy of hope on July 19. Should the children suffer because of their stupid parents listening to Barack Obama and his invitation for them to illegally immigrate here? Perhaps the real question is whether the Obama administration will even allow Glenn Beck to enter the detention center at McAllen, Texas to deliver his truckloads of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls?