Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio program ′The Savage Nation′, asked his listeners yesterday if the border chaos caused by Barack Obama is grounds for impeachment? Those who called in generally agreed that it is, as Obama threatens our borders, language and culture, the recurring theme shared by The Savage Nation. At least one caller did point out that if the Republican Party actually did win the Senate, or if the House were to start impeachment hearings now, such might cause a backlash in the upcoming election cycles. Dr. Savage agreed that ′The Media′ would have a field day bashing the GOP for taking the country down that road again, especially since the outcome would probably be no better than the slap on the wrist Bill Clinton got for lying about Monica Lewinski. So, my question to you is the latest crisis of the border chaos caused by Obama a different kettle of fish this time? Is this an issue that a larger segment of the population will respond favorably to should the GOP develop the cajones to act?

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This article is an open thread, meaning that you may comment on any subject you deem worthy. I have chosen to write about Michael Savage asking the big question about impeaching Obama. With about two and a half years left to go for the Obama administration, he has shown that he is prepared to act on his own to further trash the United States using executive actions and orders. The current border chaos is a direct result of his ′Mini-Dream Act′ order, which actually did expire some months ago, but its ramifications are still being felt.

Many on the Far-Left defend Obama, spinning the story that Obama is only obeying a 2008 law pushed in Congress by the George W. Bush administration, preventing immediate deportation of children whom immigrated illegally from non-contiguous nations. That they must first go through a court hearing process to establish that they have refugee status. This is nonsense! Prior to Obama′s ′Mini-Dream-Act′, less than 4,000 children per year crossed the border from Central America. So the current crisis has no relation to that law, other than as an excuse for Obama to exploit it.

So do you agree with Dr. Michael Savage, host of ′The Savage Nation′, that Barack Obama should go through impeachment because of the border chaos? Do you believe, as I do, that Obama created this new flood of illegal immigration for the purposes of destroying the borders, language and culture of the United States of America? Are you worried along with the listeners of Dr. Savage that the Republican Party would shoot itself in the foot if they tried to impeach Obama now? Again, feel free to comment on this, or any subject you care to