Ed Klein, hated by the Far-Left, is claiming that Barack Obama is working to derail Hillary Clinton, again, in her possible 2016 presidential bid. That Obama′s top adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is courting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for the White House. According to Klein, Obama wants Warren over Clinton as Hillary may undo some of his transformation of America. Klein claims that Bill Clinton has said that Obama wants a ′Mini-Me′ to take his place. Meanwhile, Hillary is also apparently beginning to move away from Obama and his agenda. Are we about to see another civil war within the Democrat Party as the 2016 election cycle nears?

barack obama hillary clinton

Talk about the lesser of two evils! Doesn’t get much more evil than the thought of either Hillary or Liz ′Pocahontas′ Warren becoming our next president. Both of these women are screwballs who will do nothing but drag America further through the mud. While some in the Media refer to Hillary Clinton as a ′Centrist′, we all know what she really is! Another Chicago, Saul Alinsky trained Commie! Maybe now in her old age she′s more concerned about making a ton of money. But Hillary reminds me of the line from the old Cold War spoof movie, ″One, Two, Three″, where an East German communist tries to marry the daughter of a top Coca-Cola executive. He tells his blushing bride that no woman should have two mink coats until all women have one!

As for Elizabeth Warren, good grief! She is about as Red as they come! She is in full agreement with Obama about how entrepreneurs cannot lay claim to building their businesses. That they owe everything to the government which builds the roads and provides police and fire protection services. I can only imagine how awful her foreign policy would be when faced with all of the troubles in the world. It would be open season on all Christians and Capitalists.

So are you worried that Barack Obama may not back Hillary Clinton, choosing to support Elizabeth Warren instead for the 2016 presidential campaign? Is Ed Klein correct that Obama is working to derail Hillary now before she even announces a run for the White House? Will we see yet another civil war within the Democrat Party as we did in 2008? Perhaps the real question here is will any of it matter should the GOP run another bozo for president, like Jeb Bush or Chris Christy? As I often warn, start stockpiling food, water and ammo as Western Civilization faces some stormy weather ahead!