Last night, Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly aired a special edition of The Kelly File highlighting the new film, ′America′ by Dinesh D′Souza. Following a 16-minute ′super-trailer′ of the new film, Megyn Kelly interviewed Dinesh D′Souza, then later chaired a ′debate′ between he and former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers. Instead of focusing primarily on Barack Obama as D′Souza′s earlier film, ′2016′, did, ′America′ exposes the Progressive-Liberal attitudes against American Exceptionalism. A number of outspoken Progressives, such as Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, and Michael Moore all tell why they are not proud to be Americans. This provides the backdrop for D′Souza to expose how the Progressive movement has corrupted our major institutions, such as our education system, and why the wold would be an awful place if America had never existed, contrary to the Progressive view of history.

the kelly file special dinesh d  souza

Yes, the movie has special effects, such as watching the face of George Washington and his companions on Mount Rushmore turn to dust. But the real essence of ′America′ is the importance of Capitalism and how it is married to Liberty. Without one, you cannot have the other. Progressives believe that Capitalism is evil, therefore Liberty, and America, also evil. We see Obama do his famous, ″you didn′t build that″ speech about business creators. Then Elizabeth Warren echo the sentiment on how so-called entrepreneurs are only successful because they have access to roads, police and fire services. Just as how many on the Far-Left denounce America as being built by the labor of slaves and the resources we steal from world.

But Dinesh D′Souza counters with logic and reality. So what if a successful business person makes four times more in income than the Average Jane or Joe? The entrepreneur pays four times more in taxes, yet does not benefit in being able to drive on the roads four times faster, nor do police and firemen arrive four times faster when the entrepreneur needs them. As we all should know, the wealthiest pay for most of the public works. The top 10% in the United States accounts for some 68% of all federal tax revenue collected. The top 1% pays more than the bottom 90% in total. So where exactly does Obama′s ′fair share′ get met?

The answer is simple, it never gets met! The Progressives need class warfare, along with gender and racial warfare, to achieve and remain in power. Only by dividing us into groups can they succeed in their schemes. For those of us who are proud Americans, believers in Liberty and Capitalism, we see the world differently, as a collection of individuals, not groups. Each person, each human mind and life is precious and unique. This is why most of us who crusade for the cause of Liberty are Pro-Life, because we understand that there is always potential that any of us may be exceptional and do something wonderful that benefits our civilization.

I enjoyed watching Megyn Kelly on her The Kelly File special last night on the Fox News Channel as she featured the new movie from Dinesh D′Souza, ′America′. Oddly enough, even Bill Ayers, while not proud of being an American, seemed to agree with Dinesh during their ′debate′ concerning the ever growing power of the government to spy on and oppress us. One segment of D′Souza′s documentary movie dealt with the cruel story of how the federal government went after Internet pioneer Aaron Schwartz, imprisoning him over accessing publicly funded information and then hanging himself out of despair. If you loved ′2016′, then you will certainly love ′America′, too!