On Tuesday in Murrieta, California near San Diego, hundreds of protesters block busloads of illegal immigrants, angered by the Barack Obama administration′s policies. Some 140 women and children from Central America were being transported to a U.S. Border Patrol processing center in Riverside County. It seems that Obama′s policy of promising not to deport children who enter the United States illegally has swamped processing centers in Texas. On Wednesday in Murrieta, a town hall was held where more than 750 legal citizens voiced their anger at local and federal officials over this latest twist in Obama′s plans to destroy America. Aside from the costs of transporting and housing the latest wave of immigrants, meaning more taxes on the citizens, they are also furious about the immigrants carrying many communicable diseases, including tuberculosis and even the swine flu.

Protesters block busloads

Meanwhile, King Obama is traveling to Texas today, not to eyeball the border crisis he has created, but to attend fundraisers to help Texan Democrats win elections this November. Obama threatened earlier this week to ′go-it-alone′ in dealing with the immigration crisis, which means he will again skirt the Congress and the Constitution America′s first anti-president is hell bent for leather in his drive to urinate on the values and traditions we hold so dear.

Is it any wonder that ordinary, legal citizens have been to take to the streets? Bad enough that just paying for illegal immigrants already here to have housing, healthcare, food stamps and education is bankrupting communities and whole states. Now, Obama is encouraging another wave that is allowing gang-bangers and some with contagious diseases in our country. Oh, but he says this is good for our economy. Yeah, right!

So do you support the protesters who block busloads of illegal immigrants from entrenching themselves in the United States? Or are you buying the Obama administration lies about how this is a solution for oppressed people from Central America to gain humanitarian relief? Would you allow your children to go to the same schools with illegal immigrant children who are carrying communicable diseases? And what about Obama going to Texas to attend fundraisers instead of visiting the border and seeing first hand the crisis he has created? Just how much longer will our nation last under these conditions?