Barack Obama is the worst U.S. president since World War Two, so says a new poll from the folks at Quinnipiac University National Poll. Some 33% of those polled choose Obama as the worst president, while 28% picked George W. Bush. The poll included another comparison question between Obama and Bush with 39% saying Obama is better than Bush while 40% say Obama is worse than GWB. Obama wins the gender war with more women favoring him whereas men favor Bush. We also had a buyer′s remorse question showing 45% saying America would be better off had Mitt Romney won in 2012. On the positive side, the Quinnipiac poll declares Ronald Reagan as the best U.S. president since WW2, winning the honors with 35%, followed by Bill Clinton with only 18%. Jack Kennedy came in third with 15% and Obama only got 8%.

obama worst president

Needless to say, polls like this are what folks like me live for! Vindication that I have a better assessment of the public′s attitude than my Liberal opponents. I have been saying all along that Obama is the worst president in history. True, the poll by Quinnipiac University limits the time frame to just the last 70 years or so, but unless you are a Seinfeld fan, how many people even know who Martin Van Buren was? If you did a version of ′Jay-walking′, interviewing people on the streets, most folks would think Van Buren designed or sold dreadful furniture or give some other goofy answer.

Yep! This new poll by Quinnipiac University, showing that Barack Obama is the worst U.S. president since WW2, is bread-and-butter to a political commentator and blogger such as myself. Add this with two other recent polls, one from Gallup showing a further decline, down to 79%, of Americans being satisfied with their level of freedom, and a Pew Poll showing that 44%, mostly Liberal Democrats, not being proud of America. The Age of Obama, The New Normal, is depressing not only real Americans, but is even starting to irritate Liberal Democrats as they grow weary of having to defend Obama daily. This explains why Obama only got 8% in the ′best president′ question.