In a 5 to 4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court′s birth control decision, stemming from the Hobby Lobby case, struck a blow against the Obama administration for the cause of religious freedom. The family-run, Oklahoma City based company, opposed requirements from Barack Obama′s healthcare law mandating that employers provide a full range of contraceptives to their employees. Of some 30 types listed in the insurance policies that Hobby Lobby had, the devote Christian owners refused to pay for 4 types which could cause an abortion. The family′s lawyers argued that the government could not force them to pay for procedures which conflicted with their religious, pro-life views. On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed and gave a very narrow ruling specifically absolving Hobby Lobby from providing the four types of contraceptives which were in dispute.

supreme court  s decision birth control

Advocates for Obamacare are trying to play up the decision as Armageddon. That this opens the door for many more such lawsuits. Perhaps if the Affordable Care Act was read before being voted into law, or an honest effort made by the White House to work with Republicans, this situation would never have occurred. But, Obama and the Democrats had full control of the government and could do whatever they wanted. The resulting now being a very bad law with many problems, so many that even Obama himself has had to abuse his executive action powers some two dozen times to correct mistakes.

The Supreme Court′s decision on birth control in the Hobby Lobby case was very obvious and rational. The Obama administration cannot, with a stroke of a pen, take away the religious freedom of a citizen. The Oklahoma City based company was justified in opposing the law as per the owners′ religious convictions. We shall see if Barack Obama once again takes pen in hand to override the Constitution. He is already threatening to do just that on illegal immigration again.