So Karl Rove now chimes in saying that Barack Obama is like King George III for his abuse of executive actions. Rove said on Fox News Sunday that, ″This is imperial power. This is King George the Third. This is some monarch [saying], I am the law.″ Rove calling Obama a king comes just days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Obama′s recess appointments and as Speaker John Boehner announces that the House will be filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration. After changing the Affordable Care Act some two dozen times and using executive orders to change laws without approval by Congress, Obama has been very frisky as he faces becoming an irrelevant lame duck. Rove also specifically went after Obama for his executive action of ending deportations of illegal immigrant children, now resulting in a crisis along our border with Mexico.

rove obama king

Meanwhile, Obama thinks the lawsuit is just another stunt, a political football being tossed about by Republicans. Once again, during his allegedly non-partisan speeches to talk about other issues, he used the events to attack the GOP. He is still campaigning even though Obama cannot run again for the White House. It is all Obama knows, how to campaign. He knows nothing about how to govern, especially on how to build a consensus.

As we approach another holiday weekend recalling the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, we shall see what new actions Obama tries to institute. There is no doubt that he will stir up some new controversy, or add a new twist to one of the many scandals his administration is already contending with. One would think that he might cool his jets for a while or maybe even focus on some of the more important issues that we face currently, such as the insurgency in Iraq.

So do you agree with Karl Rove that Obama is like King George III? That the Barack Obama administration is acting more like an imperial power? Or do you believe that Obama is in the right for using executive actions and orders to skirt an uncooperative Congress and a confining, outdated Constitution? Should the American people just roll over, take their meds and allow Obama to be an absolute monarch?