Hocus, Pocus, Scotus, Potus! In a 9 to 0 unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Barack Obama exceeded his Constitutional authority when making recess appointments to the National Labor Review Board. The ruling specified that only the Congress, in this case the United States Senate, can determine when it is in recess. Even the nation′s high court Liberals, said that Obama overstepped his power as president in making the NLRB appointments. A second ruling on matter, brought about by the case of the NLRB v. Noel Canning, concerning a labor dispute between a soft drink bottler and the Teamsters union, ruled 5-4 in a broad interpretation of recess appointments, though still narrower than that used by the White House. The minority opinion in this second ruling, led by Justice Anthony Scalia, said that even appointments during short recesses, such as only 3 days, should be prohibited.

supreme court obama recess appointments

Yesterday′s ruling was certainly a rebuke of the way Obama has been attempting to expand his executive powers to skirt Congress. It may even signal that the upcoming lawsuit to be filed by the House of Representatives over Obama′s use of executive orders and actions as being unconstitutional. What′s more is that another Obama decision has created further uncertainty and confusion as now the hundreds of decisions made by the NLRB must be reviewed and possibly even retried.

While the ruling is good news, we cannot afford to celebrate. Obama will still be president for another two and a half years and he will undoubtedly try to do more power grabs. His contempt for the Constitution is astounding, treating the law of the land with the same regard as a rat′s behind. Thank you, again, you No-Low Information Voters for committing political suicide and condemning us all to the path of tyranny by your stupidity!

So as the weekend unfolds, will you pop a cork to cheer the U.S. Supreme Court′s 9-0 ruling against the Barack Obama administration? Are you in agreement that Obama overstepped his Constitutional authority in making the recess appointments to the National Labor Review Board? Do you think that the current NLRB, now approved by a slim margin of senators thanks to Harry Reid and his nuclear option will issue a blanket ruling maintaining the status quo of decisions made when the board was illegitimate? Is the whole matter of the president making recess appointments now mute in the 21st Century due to faster means of travel? Will the ruling by the high court block further attempts by Obama to over reach?